Westsail 32

Westsail Logo JPGFew boats have inspired as many dreams of sailing to far away exotic places than the Westsail 32.  The Westsail Corporation was founded in 1971 and over the next 10 years produced more than 800 sailboats, half of them as a kit packages.  The Westail 32 model was very heavily built boat and has taken people on many trouble-free voyages and several circumnavigations.  Often thought of as a slow boat, the long waterline and incredible load carrying capabilities of this vessel make it an excellent cruising boat.

You can get more information and support (if necessary!) from the Westsail Owner’s Association website (http://www.westsail.org), a great resource with some great people with a wealth of knowledge.

You could also go to Westsail Parts Company website (http://www.westsail.com) that Bud Taplin maintains for support to Westsail owners. I’ve spoken with Bud on a few occassions and aside from knowing everything about these boats, he was also the founder and proprietor of Worldcruiser Yacht Company and previously served as the General Manager of  the Westsail Corporation during its early years.  He also developed the manufacturing methods, and put into production the original Westsail 32 in 1972.

Aside from the 32 foot model that was produced, the Westsail Corporation also produced boats in the 28, 39, 42, and 43 foot ranges. The 32’s and 42’s vessels are the more abundant models that you will see sailing today.


Principal Dimensions & Specifications

Measurements should be considered approximate and the manufacturer’s specifications may be relied upon. Bow & stern appendages are generally excluded.
Length Overall 32’ 0″
Waterline Length 27’ 6″
Maximum Beam 11′ 0″
Maximum Draft 5’ 0″
Displacement/Weight 19,500 lbs
Fuel Capacity 50 Gallons
Water Capacity 75 Gallons
Sail Area 100%
Fore triangle
629 Sq ft.

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