s/v Blue Tale – is up FOR SALE

We made the hard decision in September 2016 to put Blue Tale up for sale.  Please visit Island Yachts for details.

Blue Tale at Musgrave Landing

Blue Tale at Musgrave Landing

We bought Blue Tale in October 2011 after an extensive year-long search for the ‘right’ boat.  We opted for a Westsail 32 as they were very heavily built boats, have long waterlines and incredible load carrying capabilities making the Westail a great vessel as a first-time cruising boat for us as new sailors.

At Cowichen Bay, British Columbia

Blue Tale in her new home

Blue Tale was launched in 1977 (H.I.N.# WSSF06890277) and has had several owners prior to us.  Her former name was ‘Emotional Rescue‘ after a Rolling Stones song out of Gig Harbour, Washington before we changed it to Blue Tale.  Her previous owners bought her on the east coast (North Carolina), sailed her to the Bahamas and then shipped her (over-land) to Gig Harbour, Washington where she sailed local waters. Prior to this, we believe that she was named ‘Full Circle‘, and before that ‘Valkyrie‘ (from the General Index or Abstract of Title). There may have been another owner or boat name. but the general abstract is a bit confusing and vague.  We also believe that Blue Tale has done at least one circumnavigation!

She was renamed ‘Blue Tale‘ (following the required ceremony to the water gods) after a boat Rob’s Dad once owned and sailed on Lake Huron (Southampton, Ontario, Canada). That particular boat was an old lifeboat (lapstrake) approximately 16 feet with a single mast and sail. This boat was one of Rob’s earliest sailing experiences, but sadly burned up while in storage some 35 years ago.

Blue Tale will be our home for the next year and we look forward to sailing her!

Blue Tale anchored in Clam Bay

Blue Tale anchored in Clam Bay





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