Books We Like

Cover of "Prisoners of the North"

Cover of Prisoners of the North

* Recommended / ** Highly Recommended

Northern/Arctic Books

  • * Vernon Frolick: ‘Descent into Madness’
  • Dick North: ‘The Mad Trapper of Rat River’
  • * Page Burt: ‘Barrenland Beauties‘, Plants of the Canadian Arctic
  • ** Roland Huntford: ‘Shackleton’, Not on the Arctic, but still a great read!!
  • Pierre Burton: ‘The Wild Frontier’
  • Pierre Burton: ‘Prisoners of the North’
  • Gerald Kenney: ‘Dangerous Passage-Issues in the Arctic’
  • William Laird Mckinlay: ‘The Last Voyage of the Karluk’
  • * Clint Willis-Edited: ‘ICE – Stories of Survival from Polar Expedition’
  • * Jillian E. Oakes: ‘Copper and Caribou Inuit Skin Clothing Production’
  • Garrett & Alexandra Conover: ‘A Snow Walker’s Companion’
  • Richard Sale: ‘A Complete Guide to Arctic Wildlife’

Sailing Books

Other Books


  • ** Robert W. Service‘Songs of the Sourdough’, My Dad (Rob) gave me this book, great read!!!
  • ** Walt Whitman: ‘Leaves of Grass’
  • ** Leonard Cohen: ‘Stranger Music: Selected Poems & Songs’

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