Blizzards in March are guaranteed

Like clockwork we’re guaranteed to have at least one if not two blizzards in March here in Arviat and the whole Kivalliq region.

This year we thought we would escape having to go through one but nope, we weren’t so lucky as we just came through a 3 day blizzard that dumped a lot of snow all over town. People everywhere are slowly starting to dig themselves out and the hamlet is finally able to clear the roads so that the homes can get services provided (water delivered and sewage removed), and of course this coincides with the Easter long weekend.

Luckily, this year was not as bad as last year in March.  Last year we went through a 3 day blizzard and we were just able to dig out from under it when we were hit by another blizzard that lasted 4 days with winds up to 120 km/hour.  The wind was so strong that it shook our 5-plex apartment and drove both me and the dogs crazy as we could not leave the apartment for 3 days; and when we tried, we only walked around the apartment as I could not see 3 feet in front of me.

Well this is the fun part in living in the arctic and living in a place that is above the tree line as there is no break from the wind across the tundra when it is howling at 80 km/h.  ~Sophia


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  1. Will you make it to the cabin for the long weekend? Hope you get a break!

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