Heading ‘home’ to Cowichan Bay

As soon as the final touches were completed to the boat after the stern pulpit, boomkin and radar arch were attached, we were very anxious to get the boat back into the water and get her back to Cowichan Bay. The boat was moved from the hard into the water on Thursday and we spent the evening cleaning the boat and getting her back into shape after being on the hard for a week. Friday morning the weather predicted gale force winds up to 30 knots throughout the Gulf Islands – south of Nanaimo area and lots of rain, but we did not care; we wanted to get the boat back ‘home’ and be back in Cowichan Bay before the weather got any worse and potentially having us spend a few more days in Canoe Cove – not that we did not like the marina but we wanted to be back ‘home’.

As soon as we cleared Piers Island and the ferry traffic from Swartz Bay, we raised the sails and were humming along Satellite Channel and into Cowichan Bay at 6+ knots.

Once we passed the tip of Saturna Island, we lost the wind … or it turned into the variable winds that were predicted by Environment Canada but we still enjoyed the sailing, being on the water and of course the rain that came along with it!  ~Sophia & Rob

Rob at the helm

Rob at the helm

Sophia at the helm

Sophia at the helm; she’s such a natural.