Improved storage solution in the Galley

Storage in the galley on our boat and I’m sure on any boat is limiting and can be a bit of a challenge. The cupboard we used to store plates and bowls was the original setup that came with the boat, however it was difficult to access and we had to lean over the stove to get to our plates making it a bit dangerous when we were cooking. In addition, we had another cupboard over the icebox that took up a lot of space but did not allow for much storage of our galley equipment.

So in the spirit of waiting for our port lights to be fixed, we redesigned the cupboard over the icebox to allow for more storage area for our bowls, plates, cups and even a special new spot for our thermos. The new design includes a specific storage area for our Corelle plates.  The plates go in sideways instead of being stacked or placed vertically.

We really like this new design as it has allowed us to store more items in a more central and accessible area.  And the best part is that we don’t have to lean over the stove to get to any of our plates while cooking!  The cupboard that originally held our bowls and plates is empty right now and we are working on some ideas of what we would like to store in there – we are thinking maybe smaller pots or canned goods but this will have to wait for another time as this will most likely require some redesigning of this space.  ~Sophia & Rob


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  1. Looks Good.

    We enjoyed spending Christmas with you both. Mr. Fix It and the Mice were a treat. Sophia thank you for trying to sync the keyboard. As you expected the fault was with the equipment. Best Buy replaced it for us when we stopped in on the way home from the cottage. Hope you are enjoying your time in Naples.
    We arrived this afternoon to the house we are renting in Davenport FL for the next three months


    • It was great seeing the family, maybe someday we’ll have Chris and Allan there too?? Naples was great, always is and the weather was awesome! Were back on the boat out of the water having some work done and will be here till Tuesday. Have a safe time in Florida.

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