Graffiti or Art?

On a recent visit to my family in Penticton, my parents, sister, niece and I wondered around the alleyways to see the mural art in the downtown core.  A festival was started in 2009 by the Downtown Penticton Association in response to a substantial graffiti challenge that Penticton was facing then and still facing.

The mural art varied from wildlife and portraits to landscapes and night skies.  Each piece was unique and different depending on the artist and their style.  Enjoy!~Sophia



One response to “Graffiti or Art?

  1. With the exception of one, these could be called Art.
    We were in Europe in September & were absolutely amazed at the ugly graffiti that we saw in all the major cities, Paris, Toulon, Barcelona, Rome. Florence, Athens, Istanbul and Ephesus. Very little seen in Venice. Last week we were in Boston & Cape Cod & saw no graffiti at all.

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