What’s in a name…

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

(Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2))

Naming or renaming your boat may not seem like an important thing but it is not an easy task (see following page for Blue Tale’s previous names).  The name you give your boat will tell others a little about yourself and will stick with you as long as you own the boat and possibly longer. When Rob was in the Canadian Navy years ago while steaming up the west coast to Alaska he was on watch (the ‘Mid’s’) and heard a boat calling into Vancouver Traffic called ‘Boom Chicka Rocka’. For those who don’t know, when hailing another boat or station, the initiating caller calls the vessel or station’s name three times and then their own name three times. i.e. Vancouver Traffic, Vancouver Traffic, Vancouver Traffic, this is ‘Boom Chicka Rocka’, ‘Boom Chicka Rocka’, ‘Boom Chicka Rocka’. Needless to say Rob and his watch got quite a laugh out of it at 3am in the morning.

Choosing the right boat name is an important process, but you have to keep in mind that when you name your boat, someday you may be calling in a Mayday and if your name is too difficult to understand or too long… well you get the idea.

Here are some interesting boat names we have come across in our travels… Enjoy ~Sophia & Rob


4 responses to “What’s in a name…

  1. Fun post 🙂 If you’re a superstitious sailor at all, though, you can only re-name your boat if she’s already been re-named prior to your ownership. Changing the boat’s name from her original is supposed to be bad luck. That’s why we kept Celeste as Celeste—it’s the only name she’s ever had. Our first boat, Heretic, had had about a dozen previous names, though, so we felt fine about switching from her horrible prior “Le Bon Temps” to our choice of Heretic. I’m going to have a look at Blue Tale’s previous names 🙂

    • BlueTale had about 4 previous names. The name she had when we bought her was”Emotional Rescue’; apparently after a Rolling Stones song. Regardless, her name sounded like a recently divorcee’s nightmare. We did go through the ritual and spilled 4 bottles of champagne, on the bow, decks, water to appease all.

  2. It’s a little like naming a horse. A friend of ours called his “Petty Cash” We spent part of the day on water travelling by ferry from Cape Cod to Martha’s Vineyard & was it rough. I’m glad it was only a 45 minute trip. Tomorrow we are going over to Nantucket & it will still be very windy. The trip will take an hour by high speed ferry so perhaps it will ride the waves better.


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