Destination: God’s Pocket

‘God’s Pocket’ anchorage is located in an enchanting cove off Christie Passage within the beautiful Hurst Island approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of Port Hardy. This area provides some of the best cold water underwater scuba diving on the Pacific Coast but we did not try it! The anchorage is also located within God’s Pocket Marine Provincial Park which includes Hurst, Bell, Boyle, Crane Islands and numerous smaller islets. Many of these islands provide sheltered anchorages for boats heading north or south in Queen Charlotte Strait.

We left early in the morning on September 13th from Port McNeill after getting fuel from North Island Marina. As we travelled north through Queen Charlotte Strait, we started to notice that we were getting a lot of smoke out of our exhaust and had to stop the boat to see if there was anything wrong. After checking the seastrainer, the impeller and everything else and not finding anything, we figured the ‘smoke’ we saw coming out of the exhaust was caused by the chillier water that we were travelling through and the boat seems to be ok!

After travelling 29 nautical miles (NM) with no wind and I mean not even a flutter of a breeze we finally made it to God’s Pocket (50°50.397N, 127°35.637’W) a few hours before sunset. We were invited to dock at God’s Pocket Resort when we arrived but declined and instead anchored in front of the resort. The anchorage was a tight fit but beautiful.

God's Pocket Resort, Hurst Island

God’s Pocket Resort, Hurst Island

A few hours after anchoring, we heard a large booming sound in Christie Passage and when it happened again we realized that it was a pod of humpback whales (three to be exact) swimming through the passage. They came up a few times as they swam through the passage. It was very impressive and we could still hear them and see the blows about half a mile away or less than a kilometre!

Early the next morning (one o’clock to be exact), we were woken up by swells and had to increase our rode on the anchor. We believed that it was strong winds coming from the west that were creating the swells into the passage and into the anchorage.

When we finally came back up on deck in the morning, the whole anchorage was covered in fog and we had to wait until ten before we could leave to our next destination. God’s Pocket is a good anchorage to spent some time at to determine if as a sailor you want to continue further north (Queen Charlotte Sound), west (around the West Vancouver Island coast) or east (Broughton Island).  We decided to head east to visit Blunder Harbour and the Broughton’s, home to some of Emily Carr’s paintings. ~ Sophia & Rob



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  2. Sounds like a beautiful spot! I’d love to try out the cold-water diving sometime, but looks like there’s some incredible wildlife right on the surface!

    • Yes, I would agree. The diving sounds interesting but cold. We were very fortunate to be able to see some great wildlife while sailing/motoring.
      Sophia & Rob

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