Destination: Gibsons and Secret Cove

After crossing the Strait of Georgia, we spent two nights in Gibsons Landing (49° 24.187’N / 123° 30’W) to enjoy some of the sights. Gibsons Landing is a really beautiful small town located on the mainland and was the location for the TV series The Beachcombers that ran from 1972 – 1990 (my late Dad  and I were big fans back in the day).

The anchoring was good, with about 150ft of scope out; but we were  swinging all over the place due to the tide changes (15ft tidal change!!) and then we had these crazy power boaters anchoring really close with only 50ft of rode out!  I got up at several times in the night and even stayed up for about 30 minutes to watch one power boat come within 40ft of our boat! It’s like having an RV park all to yourself, and then people show up and can set up anywhere, but they decide to park right next to you. Same in an anchorage; they either come too close or they want you to anchor on the other debris littered side of the bay. Crazy, I guess it’s like a safety in numbers mentality??

While we were anchored here for a couple of days, I sent Sophia up in the bos’ns chair to add some chafe guards to our shrouds.  This would protect our jib sheets from grinding into the shrouds them while we’re sailing close-hauled. She liked the thrill of going up though she was only 10-15ft above the deck.

On Monday (August 10th), we left Gibsons and headed for Secret Cove, 24 NM north of Gibsons (49° 31.805′ N / 123° 57.755′ W).  We initially wanted to stay overnight in Seargent Bay but the weather forecast predicted a change in wind direction from NE to SW that night which is not favourable for anchoring in this bay as it is exposed to the south (the forecast turned out to be wrong for that night; who’d ever think that Environment Canada could ever be wrong???).  The sail from Gibsons to Secret Cove started off slow but the wind picked up in the late morning and we had a great day with lots of sunshine; we did end up motoring in the afternoon due to timing and needing to get into Secret Cove and anchored before dark. Despite it being a small little cove and really quaint, we dropped our anchor with 200ft of combination chain/rope.  We had to fight off some crab pots, but we had a really awesome sleep with no other boats around to be concerned about. We didn’t go ashore or explore the area mainly because we were too tired to do anything else, we do plan to come back and check it out.

We only spent one night in Secret Cove and headed up to Pender Harbour, our next destination. ~ Rob & Sophia



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