The Perfect Cup of Joe & Breakfast on Board

So a little bit ago we wrote about galley gear, and such; so here’s the low down on what works for us in the coffee grinder and french press area. I (Rob) have a love for good coffee, not the stuff in the pot that’s been cooking all day that you find in almost every government or corporate office; Sophia is more of a tea person but still loves a good cup of coffee. I love fresh ground coffee that either get gravity dripped or gets pressed; the only other person I know who’s more of a connoisseur of coffee, and good scotch, is my friend Paul. Since 1988 I have owned an electric coffee grinder that I bought from a Salvation Army store in Windsor, Ontario during my first year of university. Since moving to the boat, we thought we should go the way of the hand coffee grinder (possibly a mistake?? ).  So in a fit of obsession, we own 2 coffee grinders on board, one from GSI and the other made by Hario. The GSI grinder has all the makings of a good designed grinder, but lacks in certain areas.  It’s a bit unstable, bulky, and a pain to adjust for size of grind but it was designed for backpackers.  GSI have a new designed grinder but we have not tried it and can’t provide any comment.

Hario makes the other grinder we have, and we love it (sorry GSI)!  You can adjust the grinds easily and when done, the grinder comes off the collector and the excess coffee can be stored easily and neatly with a screw-on lid. I do miss my electric grinder though, so in a moment of morning desperation I took the handle off the Hario and attached my cordless drill to the grinder; not the first person I’m sure to do this, but it worked beautifully (and quickly).

For making coffee we only do it two ways, either with our AeroPress or with a Nissan coffee bodum (also known as French press).  We use the bodum for when we have guests over and need to make coffee for more than two people.  The bodum is durable, double walled and keep coffee warm almost all day long.  For just the two of us, we primarily use the AeroPress for making coffee in the mornings.  The AeroPress was introduced to us via their blog by sailors Brittany and Scott on s/v Asante.  It is simple/easy to use, requires no power, takes up very little space, has shorter brewing time (~30 seconds) making for a better tasting, less bitter coffee and best of all it is easy to clean.  The used up coffee grounds just pop out of the bottom into a garbage can and after a quick rinse it is ready to go again.  Even better, depending on what coffee you want, you can make expresso’s, lattes, Americano,  you name it!  The original Aeropress comes with paper filters but we have gone with the more environmentally friendly version and use the Disk Coffee Filter that is a reusable filter specifically made for the Aeropress.  Overall, the Aeropress is one of our favourite equipment in the galley and perfect for the boat.


Of course with coffee you need a good breakfast.  For us, breakfast is pretty simple on board, always with the staples Nutella, Marmite, tortillas (especially corn tortillas), and OMG pepper sauce. Sophia has a thing for Marmite, no idea why?  In her defence, she dislikes peanut butter, but again no idea why? ~Rob


Breakfast of Champions