Thrift Stores & Stick People Day

This isn’t really new to the majority of people, but you can acquire some real treasures at thrift stores; yes treasures to some (me) crap to others!

Sophia and I needed some ceramic handmade coffee mugs and plastic baskets for the Blue Tale and we didn’t want to buy new, patterned, or matching so we headed into Duncan to the Good Neighbours Thrift Store to see what we could find, and as my family can attest, I am a collector, of things, so this is a dangerous place for me.

I love hand-made ceramic mugs, not the store-bought ones, but ones made by potters and artisans, mainly because they’re personal and sometimes tell a story. This is one of my favourites, made by my good friend Chris Grandenetti when I lived in Boulder, Colorado back in 1995.


Mug by Chris, my favourite.

Though our trip to the Thrift Store wasn’t completely successful in this area, we did hit pay dirt. We found our collection of mugs and a basket or two; but the real find in my opinion was a coffee travel mug made by Thermos (Urban Elements line) that is awesome!

I don’t rant/rave about many things, especially commercial products, but I love this travel mug. I bought one about two years ago from MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) here in Canada and then another for Sophia. It never leaks (unless you over fill), it has a secure locking mechanism that allows you to toss/throw it in any direction into your bag without a second thought and it’s a reasonable size for the average coffee drinker. My only complaint, it always stays hot; three hours later, it’s still hot!! I left mine at my friend Dan’s place in Victoria back in October 2013, I made him mail it back to me, and in the mean time hijacked Sophia’s for work. Dan slapped his unit’s sticker on my mug (Royal Canadian Armed Forces – Search & Rescue Technician), it just adds to the character of the mug. So it was a successful day. We got two big baskets of knickknacks and my awesome mug for $20.; you just go to the counter with your stuff and they ask you, “What do you want to pay?”, I said “$20.” and they said “Ok”. All stores should ask you this question and leave it up to the customer to decide the value.

I also got parts in to replace my running lights with LED’s.

On that note, I wanted to promote our friend Tim’s Stick People population effort. Tim is an artist, who is also a sailor and in his down time he makes Stick People (I think there’s a Facebook page?) and hands them out or places them wherever. Apparently they’ve been to mountains with climbers and have started travel internationally. – Rob


Stick People