Space Saving and Functional Cutlery Drawers

So as some of you know, many Westsails don’t have small drawers in the galley; unless it’s a kit boat or custom refit. So to answer the requests (demands) of Sophia to have one or two cutlery drawers in the galley without ripping everything apart I came up with (I think) a great idea that is cheap, space-saving , relatively painless to make, and esthetically pleasing to the eye.

My moment of brilliance came to me while wandering the aisles of Canadian Tire in Duncan, BC, just down the road from Cowichan Bay when I cam across one of those bamboo made cutlery drawers; it was perfect! So I bought two drawers ($9/ea) and headed back to Cowichan Bay to the Cowichan Wooden Boat Society’s wood shop (where they have every tool imaginable, all for $20/year membership), and began drawing on my long lost wood working skills. The shop also has a scrap bin of hard woods and another of soft woods for free; perfect for cheapo’s like me. I found some maple scrap and cut it down on the table saw into small planks, sanded, and glued them to the outside of the drawer, why? If you haven’t worked with bamboo, you’ll find that it splits very easily, even after pre-drilling. So the maple adds a lot of strength to the drawer especially when using Gorilla Glue as the bonding agent. I love Gorilla Glue, a bit messy and tricky to use, but will hold anything. After some sanding and varnish (Sophia varnished), I predrilled the holes for two small brass hinges and bolted the hinges into place using #6 size bolts and nylok nuts. I then positioned them under the storage over-hang that’s above our ice box. I used screws to hold the other side of the hinges under the over-hang. To hold it up and in place when not in use, I used a spring loaded brass latch (usually for cabin doors), there’s actually a latch on both sides of the drawer. Probably could have just used one, but hey, why not two!

The positioning of the drawer and hinges works great, so when it’s open, the back of the drawer backs up against the thick and heavy trim of the over-hang forcing the drawer to only open to a forty degree angle.

One of the nice things about this setup is that its tidy, secure and not really noticeable when closed.


One of the drawers open


Drawer closed with spring loaded latch


Drawer closed and nicely hidden away

I am sorry not to have documented this better, but sometimes you just get caught up in the fun of making things. – Rob