Lighthouses along the Bruce Peninsula

For sailors, lighthouses are important landmarks.  They are used to mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals, reefs and provide assistance to sailors to enter into safe harbours.  Around the Bruce Peninsula, their are 15 distinctive lighthouses and marine heritage sites that span along Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.  

We did not get a chance to visit them all while at the cottage in Southampton but we did get to see the Southampton Front Range Light and the Lion’s Heads Lighthouse.  

The Southampton Front Range Lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Saugeen River where it greets Lake Huron  and was initially built in 1903.  Today, the fog horn is operated by boaters with a signal from their marine radios.

We travelled to Lion’s Heads on Georgian Bay east of Lake Huron to spend the day visiting friends that had previously lived in Cape Dorset, Nunavut for about 25 years.  The lighthouse here was also built in 1903 and had to be rebuilt several times due to the high winds and waves in the area.  The current lighthouse is a replica that was built by a group of high school students in 1983 and now stands in place of the original lighthouse. ~Sophia and Rob

Lighthouse in distance - Southampton lighthouse

Lighthouse in distance – Southampton lighthouse

Chains around the Southampton Lighthouse

Chains around the Southampton Lighthouse

Southampton Lighthouse

Southampton Lighthouse

Lion's Head Lighthouse

Lion’s Head Lighthouse

Side of Lion's Heads Lighthouse

Side of Lion’s Heads Lighthouse