On our way but still in Nunavut!

This might be our last blog on living in Nunavut and the arctic for the next year as we have started our travels as of this morning. We did get out of Baker Lake though the weather looked questionable, but are currently stuck in Rankin Inlet.

We were so nervous about not being able to get out of Baker Lake due to weather, but in the end it was the plane and not weather that caused the delay. Outside of weather, the only other major and common thing to put a wrench in your travel plans is to have your plane go mechanical.

Apparently one of the flaps did not want to retract all the way when in the air.  So after twenty minutes of flying, the pilots decided to head back to Rankin Inlet; the landing was a bit rough too because of the flap!

Luckily, we were able to  stay at Nanuq Lodge our favourite place to stay in Rankin Inlet and they take dogs too.  We also love the owner, Page Burt as she goes out of her way for her guests and always finds us a place even when she is full!

If everything works out, we should be in Winnipeg tomorrow, but here’s a photo of one of our last sunsets in Baker Lake. ~ Sophia and Rob

Sunset in Baker Lake

Sunset in Baker Lake


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