Three more days to go!

That’s right, only three more days to go before we head on to our next adventure.  We have been living out of our bags for almost a week now but still have a few more things to pack.  By Saturday we should have everything packed into our seacan and will be using our travel sleeping bags and towels – camping in style.

The dogs by now know that something is going on and have been nervously pacing around the place.  They just don’t know yet that they are going flying.  Loka most likely will hate us by Sunday night as she has never liked her dog kennel.  Jack on the other hand generally thinks she is going on an adventure but we will find out by the time we get into Winnipeg if she still likes us!

We have also been nervously checking the weather and the forecast is predicting snow on Sunday.  Hopefully not a blizzard or bad weather but we won’t know until late Friday or Saturday. ~Sophia and Rob