O Loka, Loka! where art thou Loka?

Loka asking: "Can we go home now?"

Loka on a cold day!

Loka found an opportunity after dinner to escape and is running around somewhere on the tundra, chasing arctic hare and getting into trouble.  Ever since we adopted Loka from the pound in Yellowknife 8 years ago, she has always had an independent streak and once in a while needs to escape to run around, explore and be free.  We found out very quickly how independent she was after her first walk with me.  I took her for a hike towards a lake near where we lived in Yellowknife and as soon as she could she ran off into the bush and disappeared.  By the time I came back from my hike, she was found almost halfway on her way back to Yellowknife.  The funny thing is that Rob got her because she was so docile at the pound, was great on the leash (she was prancing) and he wanted a dog  as protection from bears when I went on hikes.  Well, that did not work!

Loka enjoying the warm sun

Loka enjoying the warm sun on one of her ‘free’ runs

I don’t mind her running around once in a while but how do you tell a dog that not everyone knows that she is a friendly and harmless dog, there are traps out there, dangerous wildlife (she is nine and not as fast as she used to be) and people who thinks she looks like a wolverine when she is stalking her prey on the tundra.  Sigh!

We also learned early on that no matter how much we screamed or yelled at her, she will come back in her own good time.  And she does come back, eventually.  It used to be a few days even at -40°C but now it might be only few hours before she shows up again at the door looking sheepish but with a look of “I had to be free, please understand”.

O Loka, Loka!  Where art thou Loka? ~Sophia

Well-behaved Loka

Well-behaved Loka


3 responses to “O Loka, Loka! where art thou Loka?

  1. Hey Lisa, one week to go and then we’re heading for TO. Hopefully hooking up with Ted. As for Loka, I think she’s a bit of a whore and she’s got boys all over town, maybe a wolf or two? Rob

  2. Loka reminds me of Buck In call of the wild (just read it with David) maybe Loka needs to heed the call when the mood to be one with nature strikes her. I hope by now she has returned home. Hope you both are well. Ted is headed our way today and will be with us until Thursday

    • Loka made it safely home after spending the night outside. She is doing well but we know that she sometimes needs to heed the call of the wild!

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