The Rule of Five and Other Packing Stories

As many of you might know Sophia and I will be taking a year off to spend on our sailboat BlueTale.  Our tickets have been finally booked and we are leaving April 6th for Winnipeg, our first stop in our adventures for a few days and to drop off our dogs! In preparation for the year off, we have started to organize our stuff and have realized that we have way too much stuff (I call it crap).  I’m sure this is not new to many people who become live-aboards and realize that they have way to much stuff and want/need to seriously downsize. We first came to the realization that our crap had exceeded our expectations when I was promoted 3+ years ago and we sold our house in Cambridge Bay and moved to Baker Lake.  Man we had a lot of stuff (crap) and it’s amazing what you can squirrel away in a house and forget about! Using my amazing powers of observation I purchased a 20 foot sea container last summer to accommodate whatever we might have to store here in Baker Lake for the year. We’ve also been selling as much stuff as we can and started packing things in Rubbermaid containers. One of the best tools we’ve had to aid us in our quest to sell our things, is the the local ‘Baker Lake Sell and Swap‘ on Facebook. Some of the things we’ve sold to date are clothing, tools, our large screen TV (sad day for Rob), and one of our snowmachines.

One of the things we want to try and live by on the boat and because of the limited space on our boat is the ‘Rule of Five‘. We’ve invented this rule because we wanted to set a limit of the amount of personal items each of us can bring on the boat (within reason of course), i.e. five t-shirts, combination of five pants/shorts, five dress shirts/clothing items, foot wear, etc.  It’s amazing how much clothing we accumulate over time, though!.  This is not a perfect rule by any means, but one to strive towards (the internet has other meanings for this phrase, so we were not the first to use it). ~ Rob & Sophia


Rob’s Favourite T’s


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  1. I would hold on to that Mr Zogs t shirt for ya if you dont want to sell it heck I would reluctantly put your tv in my bed room to hang on to it for you ( if i was allowed) lol

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