The Aftermath, Winter to Spring…

So we are finally entering the season of Spring here in the arctic; but this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are blizzard free. For example, on June 6th, 2011 we were getting ready to fly out on holidays and the day before, we got nailed with a blizzard that left 5ft snow drifts across the roads which in turn shut down the airport. This really sucked; mainly because we had to re-book our flight (and connections) for a hopeful next day fly out! So, even though Spring is here (or it feels like it), from this point on we’ll probably get a sporadic 3-4 more (real) blizzards before summer rolls around and we get into the boat and bug season.

Loka shaking herself off after a windy afternoon!

Signs of spring!

Blizzards for me are really cool! I could spend hours looking out the window watching the wind and snow blow in a violent and erratic manner, but at the same time it all seems really peaceful.  I’ve been caught in blizzards out on the land while traveling by snow machine where you have to hunker down and wait for the storm to pass; and when you kneel down and just listen to the blizzard all around you, it’s really surreal!

Previous blizzards!

One of my all time favourite books is ‘Heaven’s Breathe’ by Lyall Watson. It is basically a book on the history of wind; wind’s scientific makeup, it’s mythological role in cultures, and how life on earth is tied to it.  It can be a bit dry in parts (science part) but for the most part it’s really informative and interesting.  Sophia is not a fan of wind, except when we’re sailing. ~ Rob


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    • I wish all we needed was a sweater. Actually Tate, after a steady winter of -40C, -25C is pretty bearable. We will soon be on our boat for the year.

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