How do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

With a cup of green tea, of course!

If it was not for a program on the radio, I would not have even known it was St. Patrick ’s Day.  My only contribution to this day was to wear aqua green socks (by accident) and to drink a nice cup of green tea.  Nothing too fancy for this ‘religious’ holiday celebration.

In Nunavut, there are no liquor stores in any of the communities and we don’t have any bars or pubs in Baker Lake so there won’t be any big drinking celebrations like in the rest of Canada or back in the ‘homeland’ (Ireland) for this holiday celebration.

Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet are the only communities that have licensed premises (bars).  Cambridge Bay has the Elks that only allows members and drinking on the premises a few days out of the week.  Some communities do allow alcohol (wet community) or restrict the amount of alcohol (controlled community) for personal consumption but a permit is required in order to fly in any liquor from government warehouses located in Rankin Inlet, Iqaluit, Yellowknife, Edmonton, Montreal, or elsewhere in Canada.  Generally, a permit can be obtained from a local committee hamlet, or the RCMP and it is usually given based on the person’s reputation and police record.  We have never tried to get a permit or to order any alcohol as we don’t like the idea of people potentially knowing we have alcohol in the house and we’ve heard from other people that the process is bizarre, costly, difficult and that it is not even worth getting a permit just to be able to order a small amount of alcohol (limits are put in place for personal consumption based on household occupancy in each community).

If you do live in a controlled or wet community, you are allowed to bring up a small amount of alcohol when travelling back to the community (max of 2 bottles of wine/person) from southern Canada but you are not allowed to bring in any alcohol if the community is ‘dry’ or alcohol is banned.  That of course has not stopped bootleggers in any of the communities where the cost for a ‘micky’ could be as high as $100 or a 60 ounce bottle of liquor can go for $600 or more!!

Well, with that cost and complications, I think I’ll stick with my green tea!  Sláinte

Enjoying a cup of tea

Enjoying a cup of tea