True Northerners, or Just Been Here to Long?

How does a person judge whether they’ve been in the north too long?

There are many ways to judge and start adding the tallying points, but one of my favourites is the endurance test.  One of our evening duties here at home in Baker Lake is to let our two dogs (Jack & Loka) out for their pre-bedtime pee. Much like our southern counterparts this entails taking both dogs out to their dogs houses for about 15 minutes before coming back inside to appreciate their warm doggy pillows.

Two nights ago, after I had just come out of the shower Sophia asked me to bring the dogs in after she had taken them out while I was in the shower. Her timing was not appreciated and she was just about to go into the shower. So in the spirit of making money I bet her $300 I’d do it naked with only shoes on. She accepted the bet thinking that I was not stupid or brave enough to take the bet. I am happily $300 richer (she transferred the money the day after) and no, there are no photos to prove it, just my word. The dog houses are approximately 50ft from our back door, and I walked (not ran) the whole distance; 50ft naked at -40°C with only shoes on, no matter how you look at it, it’s COLD!

So this morning after breakfast in the spirit of toughness, Sophia took the dogs out in her shorts and rubber boots; this I have photos for. ~Rob


DSCN6206 DSCN6205

March weather in Baker Lake

March weather in Baker Lake


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  1. Love the outfit Sophia! Naked, really Rob?! Bet your neighbors loved that!

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