Another Blizzard!!

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After a day and half of seeing a blizzard warning on Environment Canada’s weather website, the blizzard finally hit Baker Lake early this afternoon.  Initially, it was only the wind that was blowing the snow around and I could see 2 blocks away but by the end of the day it started to snow as well and I could not see much further than two telephone/light poles from our place.  Luckily, Rob made it out this afternoon and flew to Iqaluit for work before the blizzard hit.  He has been waiting since Monday to fly out but could not due to the bad weather.

I took the dogs for a quick walk after work and we ended up walking two telephone/light poles to the right, turned around and then walked about the same distance to the left before calling it quits!  Loka, our northern dog that could stay out at -40C for days on end, made it very clear that she was not going very far on tonight’s walk and ran back home as soon as possible.  I guess even she is getting affected by this weather!

The weather issued at 9:15 pm CT indicated that the wind is at 70 km/h gusting to 90 km/h. The temperature is -28C with a windchill of -44C.  It is going to be a very cold and noisy night! ~ Sophia


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