Frequent flyers!


View from the window

View from the window

Rob and I have not been able to blog as much as we would like lately and the reason for this is that both Rob and have been travelling a lot for work lately and just have not had the time!

After coming home last Monday from Cambridge Bay (which was on a long weekend, sigh), I was back on a plane again two and half days later on my way to Churchill, Manitoba for four days.  Yesterday, I left Churchill and flew to Yellowknife for work.  I’ll be here for less than a week before heading back home.  I have to admit that my trip to Churchill was not for work but for fun.  I took the opportunity to fly ‘down’ to Churchill to see if I could find any polar bears.  And did I ever!!  More to come on my trip to Churchill…

Rob of course was home for about a week before he was on his way again travelling for work.  He is in Ontario right now and will be there for a week before heading home as well.  At least we are out of town at the same time and will hopefully be home around the same time, weather permitting!!  But looking at my travel schedule, I will be home for about a week before flying off again for more work…and this crazy travel is not going to stop for a while!  It is and has been a very busy year here in the north and I think it will just get busier! – Sophia

View of the runway of Rankin Inlet

View of the runway in Rankin Inlet