It snowed!

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland!  At least an inch or two of snow fell overnight and we were greeted with white crunchy snow!  The snow was a welcoming sight compared to the weather we have had for the last three weeks which was overcast and rain with no sun at all.  I almost thought I was living back in Vancouver with all the wet weather we were having!  Of course, having gravel roads (there are no paved roads in Nunavut except in Iqaluit) also meant that after every daily walk with the dogs, we had to wipe their muddy paws before they could come into the house.  The dogs do not like having their paws cleaned! I’m thinking they are also happy to see the white stuff on the ground!

For a bit there today though it seemed that the snow was not going to stick around as it was it turned into wet sticky snow but luckily the temperature dropped later in the day and it is all frozen now.  The dogs and I had a great walk on crunchy snow this evening without having to do the mandatory paw cleaning afterwards.  Did I mention we have not seen the sun in three weeks??  The sky cleared up a bit in the evening but there was no sun and the clouds have moved back in.  Maybe more snow in the forecast? – Sophia

Sunset in Baker Lake after our first 'true' snow

Sunset in Baker Lake after our first ‘true’ snow


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