Travel in the north

After spending two weeks in Cambridge Bay working and enjoying time with friends, I slowly made my way back home to Baker Lake.  Travel in the north can be very interesting to say the least.  I was supposed to leave on Thursday to Baker Lake but it did not happen until Friday due to bad weather.  I was lucky as some people were stuck in Cambridge Bay since Sunday due to low lying fog.  And because no flights could get into Cambridge Bay, no fresh food could be flown in.  During the week, I had a choice between a slightly bruised red tomato and one that started to go green with fuzz on the top.  Hmm, which one would you pick!

Another fact about travelling in the north is the way the flights are set up.  If I had left on Thursday as originally planned, my travels would have taken me to Yellowknife and then the following day I would have travelled to Rankin Inlet and then to Baker Lake.  But since I left on Friday from Cambridge Bay there was no ‘direct’ flight from Yellowknife to Rankin Inlet and I ended up travelling half way around Canada to get home; from Cambridge Bay, to Yellowknife, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Rankin Inlet and finally to Baker Lake.  I made it in 2 days but it was 2 long days.  I’m happy to be back home with Rob and the two dogs. – Sophia


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