You know you are in trouble when you…

…rather sit down with a cup of coffee and  your laptop researching what is needed to take the year off instead of focusing on work.

…think about all the things that needs to be done.

…daydream about your sailboat and all the sailing you will be doing.

…spend your evenings reading travel and sailing blogs.

…come up with brilliant plans to raise money to leave sooner.  Bake sale?  Cookies anyone?

You know you have a serious problem when all you can think about is the year that you want to take off and can’t think off anything else!  But we might have a tiny problem or two.  We don’t even have an official date of when we will start our year off or a formal plan on what we will be doing.  Well, the plan is to go sailing starting sometime in early 2014 (March or April), so maybe we do have plan, kinda.  We still need to come up with a list of repairs that need to be made on the boat, where we will be going sailing and what to do with the dogs while we are away.  Small stuff, right? – Sophia