A sudden move!

In an effort to seriously downsize and get ready to move to our boat in the New Year, back in May Rob and I applied back to move from our three bedroom staff house that was provided through Rob’s work with the Government of Nunavut to a smaller two bedroom apartment; but when we did not hear anything from the housing department, we figured we weren’t moving.  Less than a week after returning from our holidays, we were informed that a two bedroom unit was available and we were given about 4 days to move into it. Apparently, they needed (and promised) our place to teachers that were coming to Baker Lake.  Ok, I don’t mind the fact that we were moving, we wanted it as we figured it would be a good way to scale down on the amount of stuff we have.  But come on, less than a week and that includes cleaning both places!

The dogs are happy to see us but...

The dogs are happy to see us but…

...the dogs are not happy with move!

…the dogs are not happy with move!

So there went the long weekend (Civic Holiday for Canada). We spend most of the week before and last, packing and moving and were actually moved into the new place by the Tuesday and partially unpacked. The thing we discovered though was that for two people, we do really have a lot of stuff. Of course, I also work remotely from home for my organization and the 3rd bedroom (now 2nd) was my office.  We also need the different gear for the activities we do here.  We go summer camping, so you need camping gear; we go winter camping, so you need a whole different set of camping gear for the winter; I go kayaking, so I need kayak gear, etc. You get the point, right?

The new place.  Where do we put it now?

The new place. Where do we put it now?

What we found when we were packing.  "It's going to be ok!  We are just moving...again!"

What we found when we were packing. “It’s going to be ok! We are just moving…again!”

We are mostly unpacked and just have a few more boxes to unpack and/or find room for. As we packed our stuff away into our new place I discovered something that I did not realize before. I have a real serious addiction! A really bad one!  I discovered that I’m addicted to tea. I have one cupboard packed with different kinds of tea (see the photo below) and that is not the only cupboard packed full with the tea that we have.  The top shelf in this cupboard is set aside for Rob’s coffee and for hot chocolate.

My tea addiction

My tea addiction

In the packing and unpacking of our stuff, we also discovered many things that we have not used in a long time (or even missed) and we will be trying to sell it in the next couple of months.  Ah the fun!

How do other people do it?  How do you down scale all your stuff?  I have one friend that can fit all her belongings into two suitcases.  And she is one of the happiest person I know.  I guess we’ll have to do it if we plan to live on our boat, even if it is for a year as we’re planning.  Or we will put everything into storage! – Sophia & Rob