Closing the boat for another season

The time has come again that we had to say goodbye to our boat.  Our holidays have ended and we had to go back north to our two dogs.  Oh, and work too!

So came the sad part of closing our boat and making sure the boat was protected for another season from river otters.  Last December the river otters discovered our boat and our neighbours had a very hard time convincing them to leave.  Apparently, we were the party boat, actually our boat was their personal outhouse for pooping!!!  At that time, Rob came up with the ingenious idea to use deer fencing around the boat on the dock side and it worked!!  The nice thing about this fencing aside from it working, is that it’s flexible and very easy to store on board. Apparently, the river otters left our boat alone and started to visit other nearby boats.  The other sailors followed suite and came up with different methods to protect their boats, from using deer fencing to chicken fencing to snow/construction fencing.  The river otters definitely didn’t like it and have moved on; though our first night on the boat with the fencing off we had an otter try and come onboard. We did see some other otters during our holiday in July, but none came aboard after our first night.  I guess we’re not the party boat anymore! Only seven months to our year off!!!!

Making sure the net is on tightly around the boat


River Otter Protection all around the dock side of the boat

Here are some more photos from around the marina from our time in Cowichen Bay. – Sophia & Rob


Young seal pup deciding to jump in


Young Seal

View from our sailboat-sunset over Cowichen Bay

View from our sailboat-sunset over Cowichen Bay

View from our sailboat in Cowichen Bay - Fisherman's Wharf

View from our sailboat in Cowichen Bay – Fisherman’s Wharf