Weather and travel in the Kivalliq Region

Rob made it safely back to Baker Lake on Monday from Igloolik but for a bit there we both did not think he would make it in due to a bad weather system making its way through the Kivalliq region.  The weather was pretty bad here this week with record snow levels seen throughout the region.  Baker Lake received up to 10 centrimetres (cm) of snow in one day while Rankin Inlet received an accumulated snowfall of 92 cm between Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon which is close to a year’s worth of snowfall for Rankin Inlet (the average annual snowfall in Rankin Inlet is approximately 119.7 cm).

Any travel into and out of the Kivalliq region also has to go through Rankin Inlet, and Rankin Inlet is notorious for having bad weather in general!  We have been told that Rankin Inlet was one of the communities initially selected to be the capital of Nunavut when it became a territory in April 1999 but in the end it was decided that Iqaluit would be better as Rankin Inlet would potentially have too many snow days!!  Can you imagine the conversation around the table when they made that decision?

Well, as Rob was coming back home on Monday, I was getting ready to leave for Cambridge Bay for work.  I left yesterday from Baker Lake and was supposed to fly to Yellowknife from Rankin Inlet and then on to Cambridge Bay.  However due to low visibility and bad weather, the flight from Iqaluit flew right over Rankin Inlet and I’m stuck here right now waiting for the next flight to Yellowknife.  Luckily, First Air is making up a flight and bringing in another plane to Rankin Inlet today to drop off passengers that have been trying to get into Rankin Inlet since Monday and for those trying to get out of Rankin Inlet.  The weather appears to be good this morning so hopefully I’ll make it out to Yellowknife today and on to Cambridge Bay tomorrow.  Luckily, I’m staying at my favourite hotel, Nanuq Lodge, and will get some time playing with the sled dogs while I’m here waiting! – Sophia

Rankin Inlet Inuksuk

Rankin Inlet Inuksuk

Dog sled waiting for the next trip...

Dog sled waiting for the next trip…