Old Man Winter is still here!

A few days ago, most of town was still scrambling to clear all the snow that was left behind from the worst blizzard we have seen since moving to Baker Lake.  Actually, people were still shoveling snow from their front porches yesterday when I took the dogs for a walk.

On Thursday, we got some water and I was able to decrease the pile of laundry and dishes that were growing.  Hopefully, the hamlet workers were able to get caught up on their schedules because it started to snow again last night and it is snowing heavily today.  The weather forecast is predicting up to 10 cm of snow for today with the snow potentially decreasing tonight.  This type of snow reminds me of being in the mountains in British Columbia where it is fluffy and soft.  The dogs and I took a walk after lunch and at some points I was going through knee-deep snow.  Too bad we don’t have mountains, as the snow would be great for down hill skiing!  Oh, how I miss the mountains!!  And coffee shops, movie theatres, family, friends, flowers, trees and spring.  Spring?  This weather is a sure sign that Old Man Winter is not letting go anytime soon.

Snow, Snow,
Won’t you go?
It’s Spring already,
Don’t you know?

We miss the Sun,
And warm-weather fun,
Don’t you know
Your time is done?

by Jenny the Storyteller

Rob left on Thursday for Igloolik via Iqaluit for work and was stuck in Iqaluit due to bad weather too.  I have not heard from him yet, but hopefully he made it there today.

Aside from taking the dogs out for a walk or two, I’m spending the weekend making a new jacket and maybe some cookies.  Good thing the jacket is a winter jacket:)

Hopefully, people down south are having a nicer spring than we are!  – Sophia


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