Snow Buntings, Snow Buntings and more Snow Buntings!!

Since Wednesday, we have had Snow Buntings visiting us behind our 5-plex non-stop.  They started to show up after my skijoring adventure with the dogs and have been coming every single day.  Initially, they were attracted to the caribou shavings that were behind our building but now they are coming back because we put out some bird seed and Rob build them a fancy new bird house.  Of course, Rob and I were going crazy with taking their photos and I think we took over 500 photos of these little guys (I had my camera set to take multiple photos at once which might not be such a good idea).

Snow Buntings, as mentioned in a previous post, is an indicator of spring but you would not know that with the weather we are having this weekend (blizzard warning in effect until Tuesday). At one point in our photo taking madness, I heard a different bird song and realized that we did not only have Snow Buntings in our ‘backyard’ but also Redpolls.  A Hoary Redpoll flew right into the middle of the Snow Bunting flock but did not last very long as they kicked him out within a few minutes.  It was the first and last time I’ve seen him since Thursday but I was able to get some photos of him too.  Once the snow melts, the Snow Buntings usually dissappear and other birds will appear in our ‘backyard’ including Hoary Redpolls and Common Redpolls.  Hoary Redpoll, also known as an Arctic Redpoll, is a small pale bird of the high Arctic, and is a rare winter visitor to southern Canada and the northern United States.  It breeds in the tundra of northern North America and Eurasia with many birds remaining in the far north; some birds migrate short distances south in winter.

Hoary Redpoll

Hoary Redpoll

Hoary Redpoll enjoying some seeds

Hoary Redpoll enjoying some seeds

And in case you missed it the first time, we really did take a lot of photos of the Snow Buntings and here are some more for you to enjoy.  – Sophia.


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  2. Thanks Lisa! Sophia is main birder, but I sometimes steal her camera to take a few photos as well. I don’t know if we have any left or if they’ll hiding, but we had a blizzard come in last night that’s supposed to last til Wednesday, 80-100km winds. Currently we can’t see across the street. We miss your warm weather and of course you guys as well!

  3. Gorgeous! I always love your bird pictures…being in a semi-tropical zone, we don’t have snow buntings…shocking I know

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