What we do for fun at -26ºC

Yesterday, the weather appeared to be nice when I went for a short walk at lunch so I decided that I would take the dogs skijoring after work.  I did check the weather before going out and it was predicting a balmy-18ºC with a windchill of -26ºC.  Not too bad, but I was glad that I wore my warmer long-johns and brought an extra sweater.

Skijoring is a winter sport where a person is pulled on cross-country skis by a dog (or dogs).  Generally, the skier provides power with skis and poles, and the dog (or dogs) adds additional power by running and pulling the skier.  I usually wear a skijoring harness and the dogs wear a sled dog harness, and we are connected by a length of rope.  That is it!!  The dogs are supposed to be motivated by their own desire to run (yeah right!).  Well, they were not!  Not one tiny bit!  I did most of the sking (and pulling) on the way out while the dogs were just tagging along.  Luckily, the wind was on my back on the way out and the skiing was not too bad.  On the way back to town though, the wind was straight from the south and hitting me on the right side all the way home.  I thought I was going to come back with frostbite on my cheeks even though I had a toque and neck warmer on.  It was a cold, cold ski home!  Luckily as always, Jack was very motivated to come home and pulled both myself and Loka.  Of course I helped, as I was very motivated by the fact that the wind was picking up and I was freezing.

Rob was kind enough to take photos of us as we were coming home.  – Sophia

Tired dogs at the end of the run

Tired dogs at the end of the run

Jack's opinion on skijoring

Jack’s opinion on skijoring


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