Going Fishing?

I really love this time of year, people are out until late fishing and spending as much time outside in the wonderful weather.  We are coming into almost 24 hours sunlight and we can go ice fishing at 9 o’clock at night until midnight and still see where we are going.  The weather is also reasonably mild, usually around -15C to -20C (crazy, I know!).

Rob and I decided to go ice fishing after dinner and headed out onto the lake with our one functioning snowmachine (Rob’s machine needs repairs).  We were exploring on the lake looking for any fishing holes that weren’t being used when about 10 kilometres outside of town, we saw a person walking on the ice coming towards us.  We snowmachined over and discovered that it was a hunter whose snowmachine broke down earlier in the day and he has been walking for four hours with steel toe boots and winter gear (I would have begged for a ride home at that point).  After a quick discussion with Rob, we decided that Rob should take him home and I would ‘slowly’ walk back to town.  I had all my winter gear on for ice fishing and I had my camera, so I was in heaven!  While I was taking photos on my way back and waiting for Rob, another person drove by on his ATV (they drive these things year round, even at -40C!) and asked if I was ok, and whether or not I needed a lift back to town.  He saw me walking and thought that I have been out walking for a long time.

I did not have very long to wait – Rob returned in less than 20 minutes and we spent some time poking around on the ice, taking photos and enjoying the warmer weather!  All in all, a good ‘fishing trip’! – Sophia